GK Training Interview Series – Part 3: Communication Style

We’re back this week with Part 3 of our interview series about communication featuring Michael Hoeppner, CEO of GK Training. In this video, we spend six minutes discussing different communication styles and how to arrive at the best one for you.



Michael helps us answer questions like:


  • Is one style of communication better than another?
  • How do we hone and improve our own style?
  • Do extroverts have an advantage over introverts in sales situations?
  • What is the best way to convey your style while working remotely?


We will be back next week with our last video of this series, so stay tuned!



About GK Training
GK Training is a boutique communications training company serving Fortune 100 companies, universities, and individuals around the world. Using unique kinesthetic learning methods, GK teaches specific, actionable, and repeatable skills in speaking, writing, selling, and leading to everyone from high school students to U.S. presidential candidates. For more information, please visit www.gktraining.com.