GK Training Interview Series – Part 4: Cold-Calling, Effective or Not?

We’ve arrived at the finale of our interview series about communication with Michael Hoeppner, CEO of GK Training. In this last episode, we discuss the current status of the cold-call: is it still effective or not? Additionally, we talk about methods of communication in general and how to chose the best one depending on the situation.



We discuss answers to questions like:


  • Is cold-calling still relevant?
  • What is more effective? Email/digital messaging or calling directly?
  • How should you personalize your outreach?
  • How do you approach sales conversations during tumultuous times like these?
  • What is the best way to handle the ups and downs during this forced WFH environment and not let them hamper your professional communication?


Please let us know if you liked listening to these conversations about professional communication. We also welcome any suggestions about future topics to explore or any feedback in general. We’d love to include you in this conversation as well!



About GK Training
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