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Jamesbeck Global Partners is a boutique firm specializing in retained executive search for the traditional and alternative investment community. The firm was founded in 2002 and is comprised of nine senior recruiters with extensive experience in executive search and asset management.

We conduct searches for a broad range of domestic and international investment organizations including institutional, mutual fund, and high-net-worth firms; hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds, fund of funds, and real estate funds; insurance company and investment bank investment subsidiaries, banks, RIAs, OCIOs, plan sponsors, endowments, foundations and family offices. Our experience ranges across all senior functions within an asset management firm including business management, investments, and distribution/product roles.

Although Jamesbeck looks and sounds like an individual’s name, Jamesbeck is not associated with a specific person. The name “Jamesbeck” was derived by combining the first initials of the founding partners, underscoring the team-oriented culture of our firm.

Jamesbeck was created with the principle of putting our clients’ interests first. We believe our clients' needs are simple: a search firm that listens to their requirements, understands their business, and delivers the best candidates in the shortest timeframe.




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