What people are saying

I wanted to thank you again for all of your guidance and support during the job search process. I will never forget your kindness and support. You are an outstanding recruiter and head and shoulders above the others that I have worked with.

Position: Private Equity Fundraising


It has been so wonderful working with Jamesbeck throughout this process. I am so excited about my new role and looking forward to hitting the ground running. What a career opportunity. I am so appreciative of all that you have done to support my transition!

Successful Candidate
Position: MD, Infrastructure Equity Fundraising & IR


The team at Jamesbeck attacked our search as if we were a large, repeat client, not a boutique working with a full-service firm for the first time. With their help, we got a result we never could have achieved on our own.

Client: Boutique Growth Equity Manager
Position: Senior Relationship Manager


Thank you to the all-star team at Jamesbeck! I have loved working with you both.  Such easy communication, great candidate insights and a guiding hand where needed. It’s been quite the journey but a great outcome. Truly appreciate your partnership and value the fact that when you two are on the case I can step away and focus elsewhere in the safe knowledge you’ll knock it out the park.

Client: Diversified Private Equity Fund of Funds
Head of RE Secondaries


I have interacted with numerous search professionals throughout my career and if I ever have to hire somebody, I would hire you in a second – you are far and away heads and tails above everyone else from a process and urgency standpoint.

Client: Diversified Manager
Senior Private Credit Fundraiser


Simply breath taking. Have to tell you both, from start to finish…on the ETF search…it was probably the best executed and positive search of any executive role I have endeavored and concluded….in any industry….and I have probably procured over $20MM to $25MM of search in my career. You guys just simply came to the table and nailed it every step of the way. Congratulations.

Client: Diversified Manager
Head of ETFs


I loved working with Jamesbeck.  Cannot recommend them enough. Organized, insightful, professional.  Excellent partnership and process all the way around. 100% Kudos to Jamesbeck. You presented three incredible candidates, all of whom I am confident could do the job and navigated them with such grace.

Client: Global Long/Short Equity Hedge Fund
Head of Marketing


The feeling is mutual.  She has come up to speed super-fast and already built a lot of trust and respect from the team (both her own and across the org).  She is honing in on the right opportunities and challenges and moving at a refreshing speed against the priorities.  Bringing great ideas and leadership. Total home run from my perspective!

Client: Retirement Platform
President, FuturePlan
*Comment about a new placement


The whole process in one word has been “fantastic.” Super smooth onboarding and already having a strong impact. An outstanding hire!

Client: Diversified Manager
Head of ETFs


Working with the Jamesbeck team exceeded our already high expectations. They went above and beyond accommodating our accelerated timeline, as well as some curve balls that were thrown their way. Their experience, professionalism and reputation in the investment management search industry is second to none and it was a pleasure working with their team.

Client: ESG Focused Diversified Manager
Position: ETF Sales Professional

Jamesbeck was amazing. Everything worked out great and it was an awesome process. The successful candidate has been a total homerun. The cultural fit was perfect and that is hard to solve for. All good all around!

Client: Diversified Manager
Position: Senior West Coast Family Office Sales Professional